I’m Toe Tick!


toe tick

Woe’t me,

I’ve been tick tin’t Monday.

For real tick,

Not ju’t taking a bum-day.

(cough, cough)


Mytelf for everyone’t t’afety.

No grote detail’t,

Becau’t, afterall, I am a lady.

Fuddy brain –

I can’t tink like a tupid fool.

Clogged no’tril –

That’ the deory I learned in k-hool.


True or not,

The t’imple’t task’t are hard to do.


Dat require’t me to even move.


I’m toe tick

But who would know it?

It’ my fault,

T’ometime’t I’m ju’t too ‘toic.



I tink tere’t tometing you t’hould know

Dat i’t why

I’m t’haring my tale of woe.


I de’terve

Everybody’t upmo’t t’ympady.

Becau’t I tink

No one ha’t ever been quite a’t tick a’t me!

(sneeze, sneeze, and sneeze)


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4 thoughts on “I’m Toe Tick!

  1. I’m toe torry to tee you’re feeling toe terrible; take tix ‘trong tipples a day to turvive, and you’ll tlosh yourtelf better in no time!

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