I Feel as Lousy as I Look

Chain of Events:

Mid-January, the Super Spiritual Activity for March 24, 2012 is planned. 

As of March 1st, I pray for two things:  good roads and good health.

March 13:  my officemate announces, “My throat tickles.”

March 14:  my officemate complains about her sore throat.  I glare at the back of her head (I sit behind her).

March 15-19: my officemate stays home sick.

March 20:  my officemate returns to work declaring, “I can’t afford to stay home any longer.”  Ms. Cranky Pants would like to make a point of difference here.  She is a salaried employee.  Her husband has a pretty good job.  She could afford to stay home longer but chose not to.

March 20-23: my officemate works in our closet office while hacking up a lung and complaining.  She is the beneficiary of many a dirty glare from me.

March 23:  I decide to go to the Hunger Games matinee.  A little five-ish year old sits in front of me and wet coughs periodically.  “Oh, c’mon!” I complain in a very loud thought.  “Give me a break.”

March 24:  I am not sick.

March 25:  I am not sick.

March 26:  I am sick.

It reminds me of an episode of…shockingly, not Friends.  It reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.