Borrowing Santa

Pretty much based on a true story.  More or less.

Perhaps you have not heard the story of how Christmas almost was not.

All because two little girls who decided, Santa must be caught!

Now, I know what you might think – you might say, “There is no cause!

Why would someone want to try to catch Santa Claus?”

If you will listen carefully and hear the details through

you can decide for yourself whether it’s fable or if it’s true.

It started the day after Thanksgiving when the two sisters saw their lack of funds.

Without money to buy presents Christmas would not be much fun.

“Without money we cannot buy

presents for our family,” Older Sister did sigh.

They put their heads together to think of a way

to buy presents for their loved ones so they could give on Christmas day.

And so you can see, from the very start

they had good intentions, they had good hearts.

“If only we could have Santa’s bag then we could give to everyone,”

said Older Sister.  “But that’s wrong and shouldn’t be done.”

“You’re right at that,” Little Sister agreed, “it would be better to take Santa himself

and with any luck at all, we could also catch us an elf!”

“It would be stealing at any rate

and it would be wrong but the presents would be great!”

Older Sister’s face lit up, “You’re right, I fear,

stealing Santa would be wrong. But maybe we could borrow him for the year!”

She quickly convinced her sister it was okay, it was all right.

Besides, wouldn’t Santa prefer to stay after his wintry flight?

Once they justified their minds they had a new problem to sort out.

A solution they needed to find – how to make this all come about?

How was Santa to be caught?

They thought and thought and thought.

How to do it was the test –

thinking of traps became their quest.

Older Sister figured treats were the key.

Isn’t it a well-known fact, Santa would do anything for a cookie?

If they fed him a lot, he would become too fat

to fit back in the chimney and he’d have to stay after that.

Little Sister thought too, “At the fireplace tie dad’s fishing net.”

She concluded, “We’d catch him for sure, I bet!”

Since it was too important to decide which trap to set,

they decided to prepare both the treats and the net.

Christmas Eve finally arrived and not a moment too late.

The girls set their traps then laid in wait.

And that’s just what they did, waited and wait.

But their eyes grew heavy as it grew late.

When Santa arrived, both girls were asleep

as he slid down the chimney without a sound, not a peep.

The net fell as planned and it caught Santa all right.

But it was such an old trick; he was prepared for such a plight.

Scissors he kept in his back pocket and snipped his way free.

Meanwhile, the girls continued to sleep soundly.

He continued on his way without making any noise.

He opened his great big bag and left lots of toys.

As he turned to leave he saw the milk and cookies.

A note beside them said, “Take what you please.”

He smiled to himself.  Another old trick in the book.

And he ate only one bite of one cookie, that was all that he took.

He turned to leave but before he did so,

he covered the girls with a blanket or they would have got cold, you know.

As he walked to the chimney, he tiptoed without a sound.

But he tripped on something and fell down

with a thunderous THUD! Hard for most to ignore.

As baby brother’s bottle rolled across the floor.

Older Sister awoke, and didn’t miss a beat.

She grabbed the fallen net as she jumped to her feet.

Quickly she ran to Santa and around and around

she tied him up good and made sure it was sound.

When done she looked at where Little Sister did lay.

Somehow she hadn’t awoke – she was still snoozing away!

Get up sister!” her sister cried as she jumped up and down.

“We did it!  We caught Santa!” She sang as she danced around.

Little Sister slowly opened her eyes.

But jumped to her feet when she did realize


They caught Santa with their snare

now they could keep him and wouldn’t have to share.

Santa watched the two little girls “Why did you catch me?”

He asked with a frown on his face.  “Why didn’t you let me be?

Did I not give you what you wanted?  Did I not give you what you need?

Then why did you catch me, was it only out of greed?”

The sisters stopped dancing and drew near.

“We are borrowing you – just for a year.

 We need your help and then we will return you.

We want to buy gifts to those we love but it’s something neither of us can do.”

Santa’s face softened when he heard the whole story.

The girls weren’t all bad, this much he could see.

And he said with a grin, “I thank you for your explanation

but I want you to consider for a moment my situation.

There are many girls and boys waiting expectantly

for a visit from someone.  That someone is me!

It wouldn’t be fair –  it wouldn’t be right

for me to stay in one place the whole night.”

The girls hadn’t thought of all the other girls and boys

waking in the morning and not finding any toys.

They didn’t say a word, for the both did know

they couldn’t keep Santa – they had to let him go.

So they slowly untied him and set him free.

Only once did they speak to mutter a soft “Sorry.”

And then they hurried off to bed,

before Santa could see the tears they shed.

No gifts from them would anyone receive.

And no gifts for them would Santa leave.

It was the first time they were in disgrace.

Their names would move on his list to the “Naughty” place.

You would say if you heard them weep,

“None could be sadder,” as they cried themselves to sleep.

If you think this is the end, you have no reason!

For you do not know the true Spirit of the Season.

Though their actions were wrong, Santa knew their hearts were true.

And so he left presents for the family, even for those two.

So those with good hearts, have no fear.

And to all who read this – have a Merry Christmas this year!

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