Mary, Wife of Joseph

But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart – Luke 2:19

“Husband, husband are you awake?

I must tell you about my day.

Husband, are you listening?

Please, hear what I have to say.

Today I took our son with me,

I had the normal chores to do –

to the market and the butcher.

Every person I saw, I knew.

Except one I did not recognize.

With plain clothes and attire,

nothing I could ever desire.

But something in her face,

drew me a little closer.

Until, at last, we met,

and I thought I could know her better.

Young sons we have in common,

so I talked about our Samuel –

of gifts and guests we had received

and of those we know well.

Curious to know her station,

surely her connections would be small,

I tried so hard to have her tell –

but she would not mention them at all.

It was soon my turn in line,

as we parted, I asked her name.

‘Mary, the wife of Joseph,’

since said, I have not felt the same.

I understand not these feelings,

she was just a woman I met

and we will never meet again.

So tell me, why can’t I forget?”

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