On-Line Christmas Shopping Made Hard

photo courtesy the web

photo courtesy the web

Okay, my effort to unplug this weekend did not go as planned.  Chalk it up to poor planning on my part.  I have never used my phone so much in one weekend as I did Friday night through Saturday.  By that time I figured, what the heck, and used it Sunday also.  At one point, I had two computers and my phone going at the same time.  Kind of the opposite of a unplugged weekend, huh?  There’s always next weekend right?

On the plus side, I am very nearly-almost-done with my Christmas shopping.  96.2% (yeah, read that and weep) of my presents are ordered anyway.  This means I’ll now be anxious until they arrive.  Looks like my Santa will be UPS this year.

Normally, I do my shopping locally.  I’m a big fan of supporting the local community.  But this year, I thought I’d take the hassle out of the shopping and do it online.  In this season of love and giving, I thought I’d be selfish and make it easy on numero uno.

It would have been easy if my computer isn’t having issues.  It took me five hours to order one present.  Do you know what kind of person tries for five hours to order one gift?  A very determined one (that’s the polite way to put it).  And by the end of the night, a very cranky one.  One that is thisclose to throwing her computer out the window.  And by that time, really wished she had unplugged and de-tech’d for the weekend and joined her family at the Festival of Trees instead of messing with Amazon.com (who had the audacity to ask for a survey during the fourth hour of struggle.  Of course, it really wasn’t Amazon’s fault, but I wasn’t in the mood to give a nice survey at that time.  So, sorry about my answers).

In short, this will be me this month – Come on, presents!  (And if you want to throw in a new computer, I won’t complain!)


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