50+ Online Dating (what the heck?!)

True, I am in the single person demographic.  As such, I’m not surprised when I receive an email a day from Match.com.  I’m not into the whole online dating scene.  Just not my thing.  I’ve never visited the site or solicited services – that I know of.  Sometimes my computer likes to click on links on its own.  That can get me into a lot of trouble.

So, when I receive the emails I just delete them without opening them.  I consider it a minor inconvenience that I accept as being part of the 21st century.  My niece also has an inconvenience of her own.  She deletes “Single Asians” dating service offers.  True, we are Lees.  But our ancestors came from the other side of the continent.

But the other day I received this email:

What the heck?!  I have 11 more years before I reach the titular minimum age requirement.  Is this like those prestigious preschools mocked on tv storylines where the parents have to register before the kid is born?  Is that what this is?  Am I to believe there is that huge of market that there is an 11 year waiting list?  And wouldn’t that be a good thing in this case?

Or, are the makers of this site just that mean.  “Yeah, you’re not going to find anyone in the next 11 years so… you might as well get used to our site.  This is your future.”

Either way, I don’t appreciate it.

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