The Return of Ms. Cranky Pants

So, Ms. Cranky Pants has reared her ugly head again.  I think I’ll blame September.  Due to staff changes at work, plus a couple of road trips, sprinkle a little family drama and September kicked my butt.  By the end of the very long month, I anxiously wanted to say a not so fond farewell to September 2012.  And anyone who had to deal with me probably wanted to say a not so fond farewell to Cranky Pants.

I hoped the new month of October would see the demise of Ms. Cranky Pants.  Personally, I don’t care for her.  She’s a little too irrational and moody for my taste.  Not to mention she rides the self-pity train a bit much.  Plus, out of the Pants family, she’s not the one I want to be known as.  I’d prefer her lesser known sister, Charity Pants.  Or even more well-known sister Smarty Pants.  Unfortunately, I’ve never been mistaken as either of them.  Only Cranky Pants.

I knew if I allowed her to move in, I’d be labeled as Cranky.   You know, the person people feel comfortable enough whisper about when she’s out of the room but when she walks in they try to avoid at all costs.  I also know how hard it is to shake a label once branded.  No, I’ll have to evict Ms. Cranky Pants immediately.  Do you know how hard it is to get rid of Cranky?  It is no enviable task.  She’s kind of stubborn and takes root rather quickly.

I can do this.  One huge step will to be to control my tone of voice.  Snarkiness just seeps out.   What can I say?  It’s a talent.  I’m not sure I like what it says about me that it takes more effort to be a nice person than a cranky one.  But I got this.

At the very least, I can be Ms. Nice Pants.  I like the ring of that.

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