More Awesomer than Purple Skittles

I kinda like you

maybe a little bit.

Okay, maybe a whole lotta

I’m not afraid to admit.

Yeah, well, maybe I’m afraid just a tiny, little bit.

But just so you know,

I’m not very fickle.

There is weight behind my words –

and it’s more than a little.

You are even more sweller than a bag of Skittles!

True, most people are

better than green and yellow.

No offense, but it’s a fact.

But to beat red & orange, you know,

It’s not an easy feat – someone sure has a ways to go.

And then there’s purple –

The most yummiest of all.

The one I don’t like to share –

Definitely not with all y’all.

I won’t share with anyone so don’t ask, beg, or call.

But since I like you

more than just a little –

I hope you get my drift

Cuz it’s clearer than a riddle –

You’re more awesomer than a handful of purple Skittles!

I think you’re more awesomer than my handful of purple Skittles…but I’m still gonna eat the Skittles!

silly verses

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