Oh Feather, Where did you Come From?

I found this feather by my feet yesterday.  It was under my desk at work.  I worked 8.75 hours and saw it just as I was getting ready to leave.  Two questions – how long had it been there, and most important, where did it come from?

Here are a few ideas about its origin.  I’ll let you pick the one you think most applicable.

Origin story 1) I stepped on a hapless bird that wandered into the office.  This seems unlikely.  At the very least I would have felt something.  Plus, I think I would have heard, “Chirp, chirp, mmmphf.”  Sorry, PETA members, I couldn’t resist.

Origin story 2) it came from my chair.  Riiigght.  Because we get to sit on leather chairs stuffed with feathers.  Actually my chair (which I stole from a former co-worker) already has a rip in it and I can see the foam innards.  No feathers.

Origin story 3) I’m not exactly sure what went down but RIP AFLAC duck.  It may have involved a fight to the finish with a very large spider.  That’s all I’m going to say about this scenario since the location is under my desk and there is a possibility that I freak myself out so much I don’t want to sit there Monday.  Quack-quack!

Origin story 4) I’m molting.  Hey, it is springtime and don’t we all want to lose a few pounds this time of year?

I’m not saying which one is the most likely.  What say you?


9 thoughts on “Oh Feather, Where did you Come From?

  1. I’m concerned more with all the feathers that AREN’T there. Why aren’t they there? Where did they go? Does this one feel lonely now? Poor, sad feather…

  2. OR this feather is a survivor. All the other feathers are in some hideous location. But this one feather (which was still there this morning) has outlived (perhaps outwitted and outplayed) the others. Good for it!

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