Spring Fever

photo courtesy the web

I’d rather not work today

So I don’t think I will go.

Spring finally made its way

I’m gonna pull a no-show.

It’s gotta be some kinda crime

To work on a day like this.

I am needing some “me time”

Because I don’t wanna miss.

The sun is in the blue sky.

Roads are begging to be traveled on.

In Wyoming it ain’t no lie

That if you wait it all will be gone.

First things first, I hafta make the call

I look like I should be an undeceiver.

And I’m sure that will help fool them all –

Even my boss will be a believer.

Tell me, do I sound sick enough yet?

(cough, cough, cough – moooan) oh woest me.

They’ll beg me to stay home I bet.

(I’d win the lil’ golden man trophy.)

I am lacking one small necessity

And it is preventing the way.

My wallet is running on empty

So, I guess I’m off to work today.

An addendum

The afternoon brought rain and snow

And the temperature cooled once more.

Whew!  I didn’t waste a day and go.

For once, I am so glad I am poor!


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2 thoughts on “Spring Fever

  1. You have a wonderfully innocent and refreshing rhyme pattern to your poetry, Corina! I am reminded of poems from my youth like Shel Silverstein, or this brilliant one from Colin McNaugton (perhaps you know it):

    I don’t want to go into school today; Mum,
    I don’t feel like school work today.
    Oh, don’t make me go to school today, Mum
    Oh, please let me stay home and play.

    But you must go to school, my cherub, my lamb,
    If you don’t it will be a disaster,
    How would they manage without you, my sweet,
    After all you are the headmaster!

  2. To be honest, I don’t read much poetry. My grandma was a fan of James Whitcomb Riley and I’ve read his works. I stopped writing poetry for many years because I’ve never been comfortable with it. So thank you for the huge compliment!
    I lloved the poem you shared with me 🙂

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