Tag You’re It (no tag-backs)

Okay, once upon a time, long, long ago, I was tagged.  I never liked the game tag because I was what you would call an “easy target.”  And the game would eventually end when I gave up trying to catch anyone else. 

But this game of tag is a bit better.  It just requires a lot of…work…which I’m not a fan of.

So, I mentioned tadams4u in one of my blogs and she promptly repaid me with a tag.  And now, I must pass the good fortune on.  I feel like I should explain more but I’ve been sick since Monday and my brain is now mush. 

The rules are:

  • you must post the rules (I had to check and make sure there isn’t an expiration date.  I didn’t see one.  Whew!)
  • answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post (thanks)
  • create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged (ha! Good luck with that)
  • tag eleven people with a link to your post (I’m glad it’s an odd number.  I like to choose odd numbers too so that they don’t feel bad not being popular numbers)
  • let them know you tagged them (oh, this might take some time)
  • No tag-backs (k, I just added that one but I’m allowing it)

First, my questions:

  1. Who is the one person you can 100% guarantee will make you laugh when you need it?  I have a few people I keep in my inner-circle to help me laugh.  My brother and sister-in-law could be a comedic duo.  Seriously.
  2. What is something that your friends and family laugh at that you do?  Well, I seem to be a never-ending supply of dorkisms but one thing that used to be guaranteed for a laugh (for others) is my pronunciation of the word crayon.  It used to come out more along the lines of crown.  I still refer to them as coloring utensils to this day.
  3. Pajamas in public – are you for them or against them? Depends on the public.  Stores – no.  Parks – maybe.  Concerts – c’mon!
  4. Blackberry, Android, iPhone or some cheap little phone that does nothing but let you talk and maybe text on it?  Um, yeah.  So, I have this phone called a Voyager.  Never heard of it?  I got it right before the Smart phone fad.  I’m holding out until I get a better job to upgrade.  The sad thing is, my brother went from a flip phone to a smart phone and is now more tech savvy than me.  Trust me, that’s sad.  And more than a little embarrassing.
  5. What is the one thing if someone took away from you that you would throw a 2 year old temper tantrum on the floor crying fit over? Oh boy, this is a tough one.  Because I never know when that ugly tantrum will creep out.  I could lie and say my library-like supply of well-stocked books just to make me sound pretentious.  But the truth is, take the books leave the tv alone.
  6. When was the last time you had a giggling fit? And do you remember why? It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of those fits that you start giggling and just can’t stop.  I think about due for one.
  7. Have you ever worn socks with little toes in them? Heck no!!  Why on earth would I do that?!  I don’t even like socks to begin with.
  8. Do you have any animals? If so, what species are they and why did you name them what you did?  I’m not an animal person.  I don’t like to share that because all the animal lovers out there translate that to: cold hearted, evil person.  I’m not.  I just don’t like animals.  And I’m allergic.  They stir up my asthma so…I kinda prefer to breathe.
  9. Have you ever accidentally / on purpose / will never admit it – tripped your kid? Don’t have any so…I’m not going to answer this in case any mama bears are reading.  I don’t want to incriminate myself.
  10. If your high school would have seen how you turned out, what would they have put in your year book? What title would you have? I try to block out my high school years so I can’t answer this one.  Except the title might be “Figures.”
  11. Would you have preferred serious questions or goofy ones like these? (even though your vote is too late)  I probably would have skipped serious questions.  I can’t even buy serious birthday cards because I get bored reading them.

And now, your questions. 

  1. Favorite way to spend an evening?
  2. If you were a tv character, which one would you be?
  3. Have you ever used the phrase, “This reminds me of an episode of Friends” and if so, which episode and why?
  4. What is your secret guilty pleasure that you’re willing to divulge via your blog? 
  5. If you could be doing anything right now (other than reading this awesome blog) what would it be?
  6. What’s your hidden talent?
  7. Are you planning on seeing Titanic 3D?  Why or why not?  Who is going with you?
  8. Which country song best describes your life right now (or any song for you country-haters)
  9. Do you watch award shows?  Which ones?  Have you ever practiced an acceptance speech justincase?
  10. How often do you workout?  Everydarnday     A couple of times a week is sufficient      Once a week is plenty      Monthly       What do you mean, workout?
  11. How long do you think it will take you to turn this around and send it?  FYI: I think I have the record at just over two weeks.

The lucky recipients:

The Mount Laundry News

Moonlight Mom

The Ugly Moose

Artful Anxiety

Ashley Jillian

Keeping My Head Above Water

The Laughing Housewife

Life from the Trenches

Motivational Magic

Hella Sydney

Words Form Windows

Let’s see, I think that’s it.  And…you’re welcome! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Tag You’re It (no tag-backs)

  1. 1.Favorite way to spend an evening. It depends. If it’s dark and cold, I like to spend it indoors cuddled up on the couch watching a movie. If it’s warm and light, I like to spend it outdoors, going to the park or for a walk, ect.
    2.What T.V. Character would I want to be? Mary Tyler Moore
    3. Yes! All the time! I actually thought of the episode today where Monica’s hair turns into a fro because of the humidity.
    4. My secret guilty pleasure.. I still watch Glee. Don’t judge…too much.
    5. Playing Michael Jackson Kinect with my AWESOME sister 😀
    6.Hidden talent? i don’t think I have one. If I do, it’s still hiding from me.
    7.I don’t think I will want to see Titanic in 3D. It was depressing enough the first time.
    8.Little Miss by Sugarland
    9.I enjoy watching the award shows for best T.V. comedy. It is fun to mimick an acceptance speech. I’d like to thank everyone and their dog…let me just list them all by name.
    10. A couple times a week. I feel better about myself when I can find the time to exercise.
    11. This was around the crazy week of finals so it has taken me awhile to respond. I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right but I sure had fun reading and writing!

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