One Young Women Leader’s Prayer

Next month will mark

Three years in this position.

For nearly 1,095 prayers

I’ve uttered my petition.

Tonight I offer another plea

And mention each by name

Because I know all the girls are loved

By Thee just the same.

For the girls

That refuse to meet me

I hope they are

Safe, warm, and happy.

But, if by chance,

Life is cold and bleak,

Remind them

To join us this coming week.

For the girls

I’ve met but don’t always show

Please guide them

Until they know

To don their armor

Wherever they may be

Because I know the gospel

Will bless them abundantly.

And for the girls

I see twice a week

I pray that they

Continually seek.

Help them remember

Who they are

Remind them of their talents

They will go so very far.

I know I’m not perfect,

My many faults I am aware of.

Don’t let me block the way

Of any girl reaching Thy love.

I close my prayer,

With humble appreciation

For the chance I get to serve

In such a worthwhile obligation.

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