Chalk it Up to Poor Planning

I braved the Wal-Mart crowd yesterday.  Regarding a couple of my purchases, it was not the most productive shopping experience.  First, I decided I needed a new shower curtain.  I had actually taken the time before hand to map out my shopping route.  A shower curtain should be with the bathroom fixture items, right?  Wrong.  It was over in the domestic aisles by the curtains and sheets.  Right off the bat my painstaking effort to map out my shopping route was foiled.  So much for a quick trip to the store.

There wasn’t a big selection.  None of them spoke of my personality.  I knew I didn’t want a plain Jane, solid color one, I wanted one with, as my dad puts it, a little bit of life.  Some were just obnoxious – I don’t need that kind of life in my bathroom.  I decided on a monkey curtain because I like monkeys.

Cute, right?  Unless you are quicker than me and already notice the problem.  That low hanging monkey is just above eye level.  This means, when I walk into the room the first thing I see is a pair of eyes staring at me.  I’ve already jumped several times and it’s been hanging less than 24 hours.

It’s even worse at night when light from a street lamp outside comes through the window.  All I could see was the white of a bunch of pair of eyes looking at me.  I felt like I walked into a Disney cartoon.  For a person a tad on the skittish side, this shower curtain does not help.

The shower is half the size of a regular shower stall so I always fold the curtain in half.  The other half of the curtain is on the inside with the same design.  So, Mr. Low-Hanger is just below eye level on the inside.  Staring wide eyed at things no monkey should be privy to.  Not only him, but his three pals are all hanging there, with the same goofy grin.

What else could I do?  I looked at Mr. Low-Hanger and said, “Hello, Monkey.  What’chou lookin’ at?”  He just continued to grin.

I haven’t had the best of luck with shower curtains.  The last one I picked out because I thought it was a “Unique Green” at the store.   When I got it home and hung it, I realized it was more of a “Puke Green.”  That shower curtain made me sick every time I looked at it for at least the first week.  Due to my fiscally retentive nature however, it hung for a few years.  If I was able to live with my sickly green curtain, I will learn to put up with my monkey audience.  After all, it cost me a whopping $11.96.

Back in the shower fixtures, I picked up a new shower caddy.  The plastic was coming off the old one exposing the rusting medal underneath.  Did I mention, I tend to keep things for a long, long time?  For $8.97 I found a cute plastic one.

You probably can’t notice the problem in this picture because it looks fine.  However, the only hooks for my loofa are in front – right above the shower handle.  I know, it looks like there are a couple of hooks on the side.  But they are just little knobs and the rope handle on my loofa is thicker.   So, I can hang my loofa precariously on the knob but won’t be surprised if it’s on the floor the next day.  This is something I really should have noticed at the store.  I think the suction cups on the back blinded me to the impracticality of the front.

“Look at us,” those devious suction cups spoke to me at the store, “we’ll hold everything in place.”

Except for the fact, the shower curves right where the suction cups are placed so they can’t even perform their job.

Oh well.  It wouldn’t be a trip to Wal-Mart without some adventure.

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