Did You Hear about this Movie?

Everyone needs a Bubba to watch movies with.  My niece Bubba can’t hide her emotions.  If she’s enjoying herself, you’ll know.  On the flip side, if there’s an angry Bubba, you’ll know that also.  Just pray you’re not the cause (ie waitress at the KOA Café at Devils Tower, my apologies).  But when Bubba is having a good time, it can be infectious.  Unless, of course, she’s having fun at your expense – but that’s a different story.

When the movie “Did You Hear About the Morgans” came out a couple of years ago, we went as a family to the theater.  Don’t remember that movie?  Not surprised, I think only the people who live in Wyoming went to see it.  The people behind the movie probably should have picked a more populated state to highlight.  Anyway, our family, being the proud Wyomingites we are, went to see it.  I purposely sat next to Bubba.

The end result was I thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  Much more than I should have in retrospect.  I tried to find a clip to share of Bubba’s favorite scene but I couldn’t.  So, I’ll just have to describe it.  It starts with a full shot of everyone riding their horses down the road.  Followed by a riderless horse being chased by Sarah Jessica Parker’s character while she yells, “I’m not on my horse.”  Not laughing?  Well, you should have watched it with Bubba.

Why am I bringing up a two year old movie that was for the most part ignored by audiences and panned by critics?  Because I queued it in my Blockbuster account.  I haven’t been watching as many movies and my queue keeps asking me to feed it.  So, I threw that one in just to satisfy it and to keep it from bugging me for more.  The movie came in the other day and I knew I had to watch it with Bubba because I probably wouldn’t enjoy it otherwise.

We watched it tonight.  And yes, she still laughed at her favorite scene.  Loudly and irresistibly until I joined in.

As for the movie, it takes the very unfunny and serious premise of infidelity and throws in a bunch of fish out of water jokes.  There were two populations being made fun of throughout the movie.  New York – I’m sure New Yorkers didn’t understand the jokes.  And Wyoming – we laughed because we were just happy someone outside of our surrounding states noticed us.  We don’t get a lot of attention here.   Again, the makers of the movie probably should have aimed it more for the New York audience as opposed to the least populated state in the union.  But everything is clearer in hindsight.

Sure, the characters in Wyoming were clichéd and generalized.  I don’t think I speak with a slow southern drawl.  Nor do I wear a button up shirt or cowboy hat.  Ever.  Don’t own either one.   I do use the word “Howdy” from time to time – I picked it up after living in Texas for a year and a half.  And here’s the kicker, I’ve never (gulp) been on a horse.  They look like they smell.

We Wyomingites have one complaint about the movie.  It’s the fact the Wyoming scenes were filmed in New Mexico.  New Mexico?  At least it wasn’t Utah, we would have never heard the end of it.  And don’t bother looking up Ray, Wyoming because it doesn’t exist.

In the end, I laughed both times I watched the movie.  But it had more to do with the company than the actual movie itself.  So, yes, I’d recommend it but only if you have a Bubba to watch it with.

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