My Nemesis

I have a nemesis.  In the grand scheme of things, does it matter that I was equally offended in the process of events?  My carnal nature says, “Yes, it matters.  Take care of you.”  My divine nature answers back, “No, it doesn’t matter.  Take care of God’s children.”  The amazing human body can heal itself from bumps, cuts, bruises, and scrapes.  But an injured pride isn’t always so resilient.  A soul that has indulged in bitterness makes the road to healing even more distant and painful.

This particular fracas started with miscommunication.  We could not get on the same page on anything.  This led to frustration for both of us.  The frustration quickly slid into anger and its cohort, resentment.  Resentment took shape in hostility which added fuel to the volatile predicament.  Before I knew it, I had a nemesis.

Normally, I like to be liked.  But in this situation, it was never going to happen.  The rift divided us and naturally formed sides about as far apart as the rims of the Grand Canyon.  She told her sob story portraying herself as the victim and me as the evil foe to her friends and built a small army.  I told my story with the exact opposite protagonist and antagonist to my allies.  The truth of the matter has disappeared somewhere in the middle of the two stories and will probably will never be discovered.

It was clear cut when it started, she was wrong and I was right.  Very black and white.  But her troops grew in number and more than doubled than mine.  At first, it made me angrier because obviously she was selling some kind of snake oil to get them to side with her.  But then, I began to doubt my cause and went through every detail again in my mind.  So much time has passed that my memory of the incident isn’t quite accurate and very unreliable.  The melee has become my perception of events which is just a shadow of the actual events.

Could it be, my true nemesis no longer is flesh and blood but of willful pride?  My pride.  The conflict has moved internal and the true battle is between forgiving and trying to hold onto the amorphous silhouette.  By admitting my foible, my soul initiates a growth spurt.  I am embracing my divine nature.

Or maybe she’s just annoying and will always bug me.  And I’m back to being human again.

4 thoughts on “My Nemesis

  1. First, I can’t imagine you having a nemesis. While I assume you are not perfect – because you’re still walking amongst us mortal sinners – I have never seen you be other than wise and kind.

    Second, I’m on your side.

  2. You are such a wonderful Women!!! I love how you have written this…You should write a book! I could totally see a villain, and super hero here in this story!! It is hard, the conflicts back and forth between you and this person and also between you and yourself!! But if you just look at it as a story and take yourself out of the situation it is quite a good story of the conflicts evil and good!! I totally think that you came out on top just like the super Hero should!!! And the reason is, because you learned something from the situation no matter how hard it was!!!

    Love you sissa and I too am on your side!!!

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