Here! Physically Anyway

To be honest,

I had a rough night.

A bad headache,

I just didn’t feel right.


Now it’s morning,

and I have to go and do.

Trying my best,

just to muddle through.


What is focus?

It doesn’t exist for me.

I keep drifting,

from where I oughta be.


Don’t ask questions,

I can’t think of such.

Don’t annoy me,

and it won’t take much.


Ms. Cranky Pants

will probably show her head.

I wish I could

take a break and nap instead.


All I ask is,

help me through the day.

If I were you,

it’s best if you stay out of my way.

© 2014 ck’s days


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2 thoughts on “Here! Physically Anyway

  1. This sounds a bit like me after a bad night!! Although I’m finding age seems to be causing me to be less effected by a sleepless night – at least I think it’s down to age, can’t think what else it might be. I used to get so stressed by hours of lost sleep. I just get on my computer now, and stop lying there trying to sleep. If I only get a couple of hours – I manage. And probably the following night I’ll sleep like a log – makes up for the bad night! 🙂

  2. I’ve come to realize on my “sleepless” nights I’m getting more sleep than I think. Just not a restful sleep. The older I get though, the more these kind of nights kick my butt. I am still trying to learn to unwind and let things go for the evening instead of dwelling.
    Yeah, it doesn’t always work 🙂

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