Birthday Road Trip 2011 – Photo Recap

No Gas and the Jerky is Made of Gold in Muddy Gap

 We stopped for a restroom break at Muddy Gap, Wyoming on our way to Casper Wednesday.  We decided it was best to patronize the store also and bought the cheapest thing we could find – an $8 bag of jerky we referred to as “Our gold.”Luckily, we didn’t need any gas.   For two unfortunate bikers, this was their second town without gas.  They were asking everyone who stopped for tubing so that they could transfer gas from one motorcycle to the other and make it to Casper.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t help them.  

Beware Rebel Rousers!

50 years ago, dad and a few cohorts went to Lost Springs on a Saturday night.  After a brawl with a few locals, they were escorted out by the sheriff.  Today, the town boasts a population of 4. But it still has a bar. We took a chance by having dad enter this town.  I figured his picture is hanging in the post office under the most wanted.

South Dakota or bust!

We entered South Dakota on Thursday.  The sad part of this picture is the bullet holes all over the sign.  Someone told me there would be a drastic difference in scenery as soon as I crossed the border. As you can see behind me, South Dakota looks nothing like the plains of Wyoming leading up to it. I am being a smarty pants of course.  If it wasn’t for the sign, I wouldn’t have known I crossed.

Security System


This was our security system at our motel room.  That’s paper-towel in the hole above the handle – I suppose mainly to keep bugs out.There was no dead bolt either.  So we just put some furniture in front of the door while we slept.  The name of the place was “Rushmore Inn and Suites.”  It was a motel but the people were friendly.


Bear Country USA

On our way to Mt Rushmore we stopped at Bear Country, USA. 

I recommend this place to anyone visiting the area.I saw a lot more animals here (and closer) than I did at Yellowstone.


 Check it out at

You’ll love the babyland section!




350 feet down

There are a lot of caves to visit.  We chose “Sitting Bull Crystal Cavern.”  It wasn’t bad although there is a steep drop requiring you to go down 187 steps that are almost a ladder.  And to get back to the surface, you have to climb the 187 steps.  Our cave would have been more enjoyable if a fussy two-year old hadn’t been crying the whole tour.  But definitely check out a cave!


Mt Rushmore - it's not as big as I thought it would be

When I was preparing for this trip, someone told me, “It’s not as big as I thought it would be.”That bugged me because it kind of ruined the big reveal.  But, now I have to agree.

I thought I better work on some monument poses.  You know, in case anybody wants to make a 60 foot sculpture of me.


My Monument Pose
Traditional pose.

Monument Pose 2

“A little more me” pose.

Monument Pose 3

Probably the pose I’d choose.

Crazy Horse Monument

My advice about the Crazy Horse monument: save your money. The rock in the background will someday look like the white statue in front. But after 60 years, the only thing completed is the face. Wait until it is completely finished, then go see it.



Sturgis, South Dakota during the rally.





More Sturgis

This is a very big deal.  People were renting out their yards for visitors to pitch tents. 

And one more Sturgis

Bikes, bikinis and tats were everywhere!  We were very noticeable wearing our conservative bright colors.

Devil’s Tower

Devil’s Tower, Wyoming.  South Dakota needed to make a national monument by hand.  Here in Wyoming, God took care of that.  Just sayin’. 

According to legend, the monument was carved by a bear trying to get 7 Native American girls who jumped on it for safety.  They became part of the night sky (also known as the Pleiades)
Big Horn Nachos

If you ever find yourself in Buffalo, Wyoming and you need a place to eat, go to Dash Inn Restaurant.

This dish is called “Big Horn Nachos” and the locals laughed at me when I took it to the table.  It can feed a family of four!
Progress on the Nachos

It took some time.

It took teamwork but we did not let the nachos beat us.
Rest stop – homeward bound

At a rest stop before Casper.

We are homeward bound!