3 Words

guest blogger

by Marilyn M. Lee

Please don’t say it

I can tell you want to

But I’m begging you not to

You’re not going to be happy with my response

Which is running

“I’m just not looking for anything serious” will be what I lie to you

Lie to myself

The odds are not good

10 times proposals have been whispered

Come and gone

Never followed with an “I do”


Please don’t say it

It’s an expected month recovery

At least

On my end

I get attached, so you won’t be the only one hurting

But don’t worry

The next one you meet will be the one

There will be tuxes, and dresses, and music

I’ll be a memory

But you’ll still hang in my heart, while I fly from yours


Please don’t let him say it, I plead to Above

Please don’t make me do this again,

Say these words

They are the same words every time

Cause honesty scares me

It hurts, I’ll pray

Every time

I’m losing strength

Every time

Gaining fear

Gaining doubt in myself and my decisions

Get me through this

Give me hope

Give me strength


So please don’t say it

Maybe you won’t be sad,

But you’ll regret it

And I’ll be struggling

Love and lost is not always better

Sometimes it’s better to never have



Please let me say it.

Next time, please let me agree

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