That time I made my 20 year old self jealous

I have mentioned my country phase in the ‘90’s before.  Yes, I rode the Garth Brooks’ wave into the country scene and became a die-hard fan.  I dressed the part; I listened to the part; I even taught my two year old niece the part.  Then something happened in the late ‘90’s when I decided my plunge in the CW world made me feel old.  I can’t explain it.  One day toward the millennium I felt I had missed out on a whole decade of music because I was so focused on only one brand.  With a few exceptions (looking at you Reba and Lari) I boxed up or gave away my CDs.  Put my cowboy boots in the back of my closet and essentially closed the door on my country-western phase. Continue reading

Saying goodbye to an old friend I never met

lari whiteFame is a rather weird thing, isn’t it?  Someone we never meet can be with us in our adventures and even intimate moments.  We can watch a person hone his or her craft and skill for years and monitor his or her improvement.  Various interviews are publicly displayed and help us become closer to the persona the celebrity chooses to share.  Over the years we can feel as if this particular person is a trusted friend even though it is one sided.  It is an unbalanced intimacy.  In short, the star will never know ck but ck will know details about the star.  Details that are usually shared in a two way conversation between us normal people as we get to know each other better.

Weird. Continue reading

Way to go, Steve Wariner!

I have a confession.  Once upon a time, many years ago I went through a country phase.  Don’t blame me, though, it was the early 90’s, the time of Garth Brooks – who personally brought a resurgence of country music.  Plus, I happen to come from two people who prefer Willie Nelson to anything the Beatles had to offer.  So, it’s in my genes and it was inevitable that I would catch it.  My time with country music was brief.  I stopped listening to it when I realized it made me feel older than my peers.

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