The Humbug Post

I started this little blog seven years ago this month.  For seven years I’ve posted little blurbs and thoughts and highly suspected my posts were overlooked.  I just haven’t found a passion or interest to focus on so my writing is random and broad.  But I keep toiling at it just in case something kicks in and I need to be prepared with this blog already in place.  The point is I post four times a week and barely make my daily 10 view goal.  In fact, I have had to round out the views on occasion to make 10.  Not proud of it but it is a fact of life.  So when I do post something that gets a little attention I’m surprised.  That is what happened during the 2018 Christmas season. Continue reading


Friday ramblings: Passion

I like to watch Nature on PBS.  There are so many dedicated people who have a passion for doing good and helping the world out.  In one program I watched different people help out orphaned animals.  Not the typical, cutesy animals that usually get all the attention either.  A sloth, a bat, and a kangaroo were all saved because three different people in three different locations worked to save these animals. Continue reading

If you see Helen (Audie Murphy tribute)

I recently read Audie Murphy’s autobiography, “To Hell and Back.”  He became one of the most decorated (according to some accounts the most decorated) World War II soldier.  This major feat was accomplished before he even left his teens.  This man saw a lot of death and suffered from PTSD before there was an acronym to describe it.  One of the accounts he described is meeting a nurse named Helen.  He later found out the area she served in was bombed heavily and a lot of nurses died.  Though he tried, he never found out if she was one of the fatalities.  They never met again.  I recommend reading this increasingly forgotten book. Continue reading