Be nice for the sake of being nice

Years ago, I had a journey of self-discovery. At the end (or I should say middle because that’s an ongoing road), I slapped some labels on myself. At first, I found the labels to be a comfort. There was a reason why I acted the way I did. In the words of Jessica Rabbit, “I’m just drawn that way.” In my elation for explanation I overshared my conclusions. But over time, I have grown quiet about my labels. Not because I am ashamed, but because of the reaction I have learned comes from finding out what makes me tick.

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What I want this year

Let me start off by saying, gifts – receiving and giving is my love language. A sincere gift is how I express love and receiving a thoughtful gift is how I feel loved. I love opening presents. I love watching others open presents. So, that should make what I’m about to share even more powerful. I don’t want anything this year for Christmas.

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The otiose motivating force known as guilt

She used the harshest words she could think of against me. “Isn’t it our responsibility?” She asked.

I didn’t argue. “Yes, it is our responsibility to set an example.”

She thought she won until I continued. “But I’m still not going to do it.”

A few more choice words to put me in my place. The truth was though, that by this point of the conversation, there was no way I was going to agree to the action she demanded. Mostly because of her tactics. I have come to believe that guilt is not a sustainable motivating factor and I refuse to succumb to action because of it.

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My Faith Garden

I do not have a green thumb. I don’t even have a plastic one. Seriously, I have a vase with fake flowers that I have knocked over so many times one blossom now sits at a perpetual 90 degree angle. So, my expertise in gardening is lacking somewhat. But I do have what I call a faith garden that I’d like to tell you about.

Stick with me on this analogy and I hope it will all come together.

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