General Conference thoughts: Gather Together in One All Things in Christ and One in Christ

by Elder David A. Bednar 

and Elder Ulisses Soares

We have been taught and now is the day for us to apply our learning.  As we take all that we have and live those truths we point our souls to Christ.  Faith is more than a to-do list (although that is a place to start), it is a way of life.  All gospel truths come together to form us – followers of Christ.  As we apply those truths and live by them and just live them they become part of us and we become the disciples we have the potential to become.   Continue reading


The flip side to thank you

Years ago I worked as a clerical temp in an office.  I don’t remember the names of the people I worked with but I do remember one thing about the office manager.  Whenever someone thanked her she replied with a firm, vocal, confident “You are welcome.”  No grunts.  No “aw shucks.”  No “you bet.”  But always a clear “you’re welcome.”

I liked that.  Continue reading

All I want to do is walk

All I wanted to do is to walk.  I decided walking wasn’t enough.  I needed to set a goal.  Since I’m no runner I looked for a 5k to walk at the beginning of summer.  I knew I was slow so I decided to walk at least 3.2 miles five to six days a week to practice and then enter another 5k at the end of the summer to see if I improved.  Look at me being all goal oriented.  Yay me. Continue reading