Lessons from a Tree

This tree is a block away from me. I pass it when I go on my lazy “just around the block” walks. In the summer, I didn’t notice it. Not until the leaves had all fallen and I could see the definitive skeletal remains. This tree has a message for us. This tree is a motivator.

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The UK trip I finally got to take

For two years I waited to take a trip. When the time finally approached and people asked if I was excited I answered, “eh.” Not that I wasn’t excited but because of COVID this trip had been postponed twice. So, it was hard to get excited or even believe it was actually happening. But it finally happened. I went on my 2020 trip with my brother and sister in law.

Over London
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The 2020 Trip

In March 2020, I was supposed to go on a trip to the United Kingdom. Our travel company was scheduled to leave the end of March. If you remember your recent history, that was about a week after the world shut down due to COVID. I did not get to go on that trip in 2020. Instead, I waited. But let me start at the beginning.

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Samantha’s Days


“Welcome back listeners, you are listening to the James Jack show and as always, I am your faithful host James Jack,” the DJ smoothly announced.  “We are talking today with first time author Samantha Stewart whose first book is well on its way to becoming a national best seller.  How does that make you feel Sammi?  Can I call you Sammi?”

“If I can call you Jimmy,” Samantha answered.

“Okay, Samantha it is,” he laughed. “What do you think of your book moving up on the list?  Just this week it has climbed five spots.  That has got to feel pretty good.”

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