Dear Ms. Necessary

I wrote this poem awhile ago and couldn’t get it quite right.  It’s not my favorite but I like the story so I’m sharing it anyway. It’s what I call a snapshot poem where I try to use words to capture a moment.  Here’s the moment: I accompanied my 82 year old father to the funeral of his first grade teacher.  Her name really was Ms. Necessary and I thought with a name like that I needed to write something.  Ms. Necessary ended up marrying and no longer was (I have to write it) Necessary.  But for my dad she always was Ms. Necessary.

Dear Ms. Necessary’s

Reliance first grade class

was not her first time teaching

but it was far from her last. Continue reading


Little Things that Bug Me So…

Can I just mention I don’t understand a song fade?  What is the purpose?  Why can’t the song just end?  Are we to believe the song is still going on and on somewhere like a line in geometry?  No, it ends.  It ended in the studio it should end on the radio.  Are they covering up a goof? What?  Why?  It makes no sense. Continue reading