Fingers Crossed

I get we only have

so much time we are each blessed.

But if it’s not too much,

can I make a small request?

My house will need cleaned out

of course this I realize

and to those assigned the task

I now apologize.

Out of my many strengths

housekeeping isn’t one.

Don’t get me wrong, I tried

but was never entirely done.

I’m just saying, a Saturday

would suit everyone’s best interest

because that would be the day

it would be the cleanest, I trust.

Keep in mind, I’m not claiming

a pristine place done perfectly

but rather, I will say it will

be as clean as it will ever be.

On the flip side, to all that

it may concern, I just pray

my time doesn’t come due

early, say on a Friday.

Not that the difference between

the two days will be all that big.

I just don’t want my last image

to be, “she was kind of a pig.”

©ck’s days 2023

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