Beauty is in the … of the beholder

This is not a pretty picture. A bit of an eyesore on the landscape. It drives me crazy because for me it ruins photos. I attempt to crop it out but it sits right in the middle of otherwise picturesque shots. It is rather annoying for me. I mean, couldn’t we paint it or do something with it? That is my snobby side surfacing because that water tower is in the high mountain desert. For the people in this area it holds the key to life. And when put into perspective like that there is nothing ugly about it.

Sometimes beauty invokes the other senses. Sometimes the eyes are a poor judge of beautiful. I admire those people that appreciate the other senses to find beautiful. That is a remarkable skill indeed.

What senses do you use to appreciate beauty? What is the most beautiful

  • Sound you ever heard?
  • Taste you ever tasted?
  • Feeling you ever felt?
  • Smell you ever smelt?
  • Sight you ever saw?

What makes something beautiful for you?

One thought on “Beauty is in the … of the beholder

  1. I suppose I mainly use sight to identify what is beautiful, but you make a good point to consider the other senses as well. I was listening to Mike Bickle’s lectures on the Song of Solomon recently. He reminded me that God is beautiful. I had to stretch my understanding of beauty for that as well.

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