Season of light

I am not a winter person. There is nothing I really enjoy about the season. From the bitter coldness to the short days I am not a fan of any of it. I am much more a summer person. From the heat to the longer days I am pretty much a fan. Here is something I realized this past winter though. Winter is actually the season of light while summer actually is the season of darkness.

Now, before you think I’m crazy here is my reasoning. The first day of winter is the shortest day of the year. After that, the rest of winter and through spring the days get longer which means light returns. The two seasons work hard to get us to those lovely long days.

The first day of summer is the longest day of the year. Every day of summer and through autumn the days get shorter. Those two seasons undo the previous seasons’ work.

How deceptive the seasons are. Winter promotes light, summer demotes it. Yet, summer is the season of light while winter gets the distinction of being dark.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still not going to be a fan of winter. But I recognize that it actually grows the much needed light I need to function and feel human. So maybe it isn’t all bad. No, it’s still bad.

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