Buena Suerte!

About 10 or 11 years ago, I decided to go back to school. I have my Associate Degree but I always wanted to obtain a Bachelor’s. So, I decided the time was right. Just a side note, I still haven’t achieved my goal but that’s a topic for another blog post. This one is focusing on my total learning culmination in two semesters of Spanish. Here it is: buena suerte.

That’s it. That is the sum total of what I remember from my two semesters. Two words. One phrase. But in all fairness, that is probably more than what I remember from any math or science class. And anything I learned in my English classes is probably long forgotten or antiquated. So really, that’s not too bad when you put it in perspective.

Now, for you poor unilingual souls, I’ll give you the translation. Buena suerte is good luck. But I like saying buena suerte because it makes it sound better. For me, the English translation leaves the outcome to chance. It makes it sound like I don’t really have hope in something working out but there’s the off-chance luck will step in and play a part.

I understand when I say it in Spanish I am expressing the exact same sentiment. But saying it like that makes it sound more hopeful. At the very least, more romanticized. Almost like I’m taking chance out of the equation or hiding it away.

Plus, it makes me sound much cooler. Slipping in a foreign phrase here and there gives the illusion that I’m cultured and sophisticated. Until I bump into someone who actually speaks more than those two words of Spanish and tries to converse with me. Lo siento, no hablo espanol. Solo un poco. I am completely aware that the more I say, the less cool I become.

Maybe some day I will learn more or even re-learn what I once knew to pass the class. Yeah, you can wish me suerte that will happen.

4 thoughts on “Buena Suerte!

  1. Buena suerte! I remember once asking something, perhaps “where’s the bathroom”, in French or Spanish using what little I knew of the language only to find out I could not understand the answer.

  2. That is true. It does us no good to speak the language if we can’t understand the response. And I always did poorly on the listening assignments!

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