True Art

The thing about art is there is no ownership. Not really.

An artist is a creator. The creator has a vision locked in in their mind. That creator then attempts to translate that vision by using some kind of medium. It’s an expression; a piece of themselves. Once the artist shares their work though there is no longer an owner.

Now, before you lawyer up on me and start quoting copyright laws let me quickly say I’m not talking about that kind of ownership. Of course, one’s livelihood is a different matter and view. This is not about that aspect but more of the ownership of perception. How one perceives a piece of art can not be owned. Everyone is free to make their own connection and that might be entirely different than what the artist intended.

Once an artist’s creation is shared the artist has no control over how it is received. There is no guarantee others will understand the communication. Perhaps people will identify with it, connect with it, and love it. Or, maybe, it will cause people to think and ponder. Possibly it will make them mad. Actually, any of those responses can be considered positive reactions. Anything that makes people connect and discuss can be considered a passing grade.

The worst case scenario is it is shunned, ignored, or not noticed. In other words, it creates no reaction. No one connects with it. The artist stands alone. Their expression, their piece of them, is not shared.

Yet, the irony is, great art is claimed by all with stories and connections that build experiences. Great art enters into a seemingly shared connection with many people. Even though it may communicate different stories to different people. Each individual story lays claim to the art as its own but it belongs to no one. The interpretation simply has no proprietor.

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