21st Century Manners

To help with etiquette

in our day and age

requires new tactics

not yesterday’s sage.


After all, it is true

you must admit,

Ms. Manners was an expert

for our parents’ etiquette.


But her rules

would not be understood

since there are diverse ways

we can now be rude.


Even so, we can share

the same foundation

to focus on the person

is the same in each situation.


If you are visiting

with anyone face to face

let your message

keep a moment in cyberspace.


Here’s a rule of thumb

that may just help you:

if you are in doubt

of what you should do


when you receive a text

ask yourself one question

“Would I be willing to say this

out loud, right now, without hesitation?”


If the answer is yes

you have no reason to fear

you are probably not

going to offend anyone near.


If the answer is no

let me just say, “dude,

I will tell you right now

you are being rude.”

© 2020 ck’s days

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