General Conference thoughts: Becoming a Shepherd and Shepherding Souls

by Bonnie H. Cordon

and Elder Gary E. Stevenson

The new buzz word in the church is ‘ministering’ and ‘shepherding’ is one of its synonyms.  Basically, we need to learn to love one another.  It’s not exactly a new concept but rather a new emphasis on it.  Probably because we have forgotten what it entails.

A couple of takeaways for me from this combination of talks.  One, if you actually get in to see your ministerees (mine don’t seem to want me to come to visit) you can ask if there is anything they want you to include in your prayers.  I pray every night for them by name but asking them for something specific seems like a powerful way to show them you are mindful of them.

The example given of the two men at lunch after one of their wives had attempted suicide also gave me ideas on how to be direct and loving.  The fact the minister noticed and took his ministeree to lunch (instead of a call or text) demonstrated the one on one level this whole ministering needs to be on.

I also liked the comment that ministering is more than just being kind.  Yes, kindness should be involved but we should be kind because we actually love our people not the superficial kindness that comes from merely being polite.

I am struggling with this whole new ministering/shepherding push though.  We are told to become each other’s friends.  If I knew how to make friends I would have made some by now.  Maybe this emphasis on ministering will help me actually make some friends?

Maybe.  We shall see.

Becoming a Shepherd

Shepherding Souls

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