General Conference thoughts: All Must Take upon Them the Name Given of the Father

by Elder Paul B. Pieper

As it often happens, there is a subtle lesson in life in which the meaning or significance has become tainted or lost.  We no longer recognize the symbolism.  Instead, it has become largely misunderstood.  I’m referring to a bride taking the name of her husband at marriage and becoming known under his family tree.

A name is a verbal label to help differentiate us. Remember when the musical artist known as Prince tried using a symbol as his name?  He was referred to as “the artist formerly known as Prince” because a name needs to be spoken as well as written.

Our surname groups us.  For good or bad our name identifies us.

When we take Christ’s name upon us that should be our identifier.  That labels us with certain expectations.  A certain code of conduct should be a given for all who call themselves under the name of Christ.

All Must Take upon Them the Name Given of the Father

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