Adulting Christmas

Ugh!  I used to love the Christmas season.  There was such a feeling in the air of love and excitement.  It felt like anything truly was possible.

Until, after many Christmas seasons, I realized nothing was going to happen during a Christmas season.  It truly is just another month filled with ordinary days.

In other words, BAH HUMBUG!

Christmas season blah

3 thoughts on “Adulting Christmas

  1. Me too… I think it’s age, time, and loss of family… at least it is for me. We also have a greater imagination as children, and perhaps get over excited by some of the simplest things. And maybe we’ve seen all too many times. 🙄

    I think I mentioned to you before we didn’t keep Christmas in our family when I was a kid, but I wasn’t banned from joining in the festivities at school (I’m thankful for kind and thoughtful parents!) I remember making a Christmas tree from thin cardboard, which I painted and slotted together in two pieces to make it stand up. I was so excited about that little tree! My parents didn’t mind me standing it on a sideboard in the living room. My Dad asked if I’d like some snow for it… he bought snow in a can you spray on windows. For about 20 minutes my tree looked amazing (I was beside myself with joy!) then it went soggy, bent over to one side and fell flat! 😀 I can laugh about it now… but I was so hurt at what that weird snow did to my creation. Everything is so much more heightened when we are kids… it would be nice to return to that for a little while sometimes. 🙂

  2. This post seems to have bummed people out. So much so, I now have a “secret elf” that has left me three presents. 😳 It’s very nice but I feel a little guilty.
    In other news, you should use your personal experience in a story. It’s very cute 😊

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