The Visit

The other night as I waited for sleep I started thinking. It’s usually not too productive to hop on a thought train while waiting for sleep to come. At least, if the end result desired is to actually fall asleep. Sleep tends to flee when I’m riding the thought train. But for whatever reason, the other night I started thinking. My thoughts eventually led to mom.

How nice would it be if I could hug her and talk to her again? Then it happened. I pictured her coming into my room and standing there in all her glorious white angelness. Spellcheck tells me that is not a word but that’s how I’m going to describe her. Beautiful in bright white robes doing what angels do best which I assume is to be wise and show love.

I didn’t want her to leave. If she did have to depart I wanted to join her. “Please,” I asked, “can I just come with you?” Perhaps I thought that was the best solution to my problems. The good vibes that emanated from her were warm and inviting.

Her face was kind and she rubbed a hand on my face. “You can’t come with me yet,” she said.

I started to defend my request.

“You are not ready yet,” she explained kindly. “You have too much baggage right now. There is forgiveness you need to seek and forgiveness you need to extend. It may be difficult to believe but making amends on earth is easier than having to make it here.” She let her words settle in my heart. “You still have work to do here. Keep at it.   It will come together. I love you.”

I nodded my head slowly unconvinced but unwilling to argue with an angel.

She smiled and then she was gone. And I let sleep come because I needed my rest.   After all, I had work to do tomorrow.

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