The Ascension

Here are a couple of assumptions for this piece:

  1. Most of us have room for improvement even with our most skilled abilities and talents.
  2. With the exception of a few prodigies most of us better ourselves line upon line, grace by grace. We may show a flair or talent for a particular skill or ability but every person ascends up a particular path with experience.

I have been writing ever since I can remember. I remember writing my first stories on the three lined paper used in grade school to help us learn how to write. Wherever I am I have always written little thoughts and poems on scraps of paper. When I die and people will have to clean out my stuff they will find thousands of little notes. I apologize now. In my younger naïve days I believed my thoughts were profound nuggets of wisdom. Now I recognize the fact I just need to get them out of my head so that they will quit racing around my brain. To write them down gives me some amount of rest until the next thought pops in.

I’m too lazy to write stories. The best I will ever do is my small meme-like thoughts. And what a blessing memes have become en vogue to aid my particular ability. This little blog has allowed me to move my little pieces of paper to online. So maybe it will be a little easier to clean out my room? Anyway, this little blog celebrated its 6th anniversary last month.

As I looked back through previous posts I can see a steady decline in ability. Oh my! I am going the wrong way. Apparently I peaked before I even ascended.   What does that mean for the future?  Which direction does that leave for me to go?  I seem to be descending or at best in a holding pattern. Despite the fact I have started writing every day. A twenty minute minimum doesn’t seem very long but it sometimes feels like hours. Most of my thoughts come out in short little meme like thoughts or pedantic poetry. But I am keeping at it to see if I can finally begin to ascend up the hill of writing and become better.   Or if, and this is my fear, I have already peaked and I need to seek a new avenue.

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