That They Do Always Remember Him

by Claudio R.M. Costa

I like to take road trips.  Often, as I am traveling on an interstate with little traffic, I marvel at what little movement it takes to switch lanes.  As I approach a vehicle and need to pass it the effort is little more than a desire.  My hands move almost imperceptibly.  The whole car moves into the next lane. If I choose to stay in that lane and not move back then I go where that lane takes me.  If it becomes an exit lane I could end up in a completely different destination than my original goal!

Likewise, if our focus in life shifts even slightly, we will end up in a different destination than what we hoped for.

Our focus needs to be on Christ.  If we take our eyes off Him we will end up in unknown destinations.  One of the best ways to keep our focus on Christ is to partake of the Sacrament each week.  As we make the Sacrament meaningful we will stay in the correct lane and not take wrong exits on our road home.


That They Do Always Remember Him


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