Two Feet on the Ground

My grandma always said,

“I’ve got two feet on the ground,

“I can do anything anyone can do.”

She barely stood five feet

though she claimed five-two.


My takeaway from this:

Don’t hide behind excuses.

Always give my very best.

Don’t get left behind just because

I’m different than the rest.

I may have to

run a little faster

reach a little higher

stand a little taller

act a little wiser

do a little extra

be a little stronger

think a little smarter

stay a little longer.

I should

Find a way to do the job

be the someone

to roll up my sleeves

and just get it done.

Because I have

air in my lungs

free hands not bound

a brain in my head

and two feet on the ground.

© 2015 ck’s days


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