Battle Scars

We are all soldiers

fighting, fighting in the night

with war comes scars and

some are visible while others

are hidden from sight.


We wear our scars

no one’s cuts are the same

some display those battle wounds

and others, others tend to hide

their scars in shame.


We all gain scars

no one is blemish free

so, let’s make a deal

I won’t judge you if you will refrain

from judging me.


Maybe it’s too much to be healed

but could we be loved, please show love

someone to see past

the battle scars

and maybe love will be enough.


We are all soldiers

and we each earn our marks

but all we need is someone

to look past the gaping flaws

and see our true hearts.

© 2015 ck’s days

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2 thoughts on “Battle Scars

  1. That is so true, we all have wounds and scars that others can’t see. I know I have my share of them. Kind of timely for me this one. I’ve been having some difficult moments with my landlord recently. I’ve been feeling like he’s going through a second childhood or something, he’s been very unpleasant and every disagreement we have he insists it’s me who’s being difficult – enough to drive me quite crazy. But I know his father died two years ago and a younger sister also died very unexpectedly last year. I’ve been trying to see past his gaping flaws – but oh, it’s not easy! 😦

  2. I had a different poem picked out for the day but saw that someone I know tried to take his life…again. We just never know the struggles someone is facing because really, we are all facing our own battles.

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