A bear? Are you kidding me?!

Years ago, while I slaved away at a job with a bully for a boss, I had to attend training. During the training the speaker gave us a personality test. This test was based on the Native American four personalities. The N, W, E, and S. Or the buffalo, the mouse, the eagle, and the…. I could never remember what the fourth animal was.

As I stated, this was years ago when I put much more stock into such things as personality tests. Nowadays, I tend to believe we have so much going into us and making us it’s hard to pinpoint on personality. I mean, I might act totally different around new situations and new people than I do around family and friends I’ve known for years. Which is my true personality?

But I digress.

The buffalo is the leader type personality. People in this category like control and probably most akin to the modern ‘Type A’ folk. They are the hardest type of people for me to get along with and that’s probably why I remember the name. Buffalos jump in and take charge. On a side note, this happens to be the personality my boss at the time found out she was during this training. Figures.

The eagle is the visionary and at the time I was a little offended that I wasn’t lumped in this category. Surely, I’m a visionary? At least, that’s what I always told myself. Just for the record, I was wrong.

The mouse is the nurturer. Yep, that is not and will not ever be me.

Then there is the fourth group. The animal I couldn’t remember. It also happened to be my category. The critical thinker. The organizer. But what was the animal? For years, whenever I told someone about this training I would get to this part and say, “I’m some kind of rodent. Maybe a squirrel.”

The other day, while cleaning out some old papers I found the old test that I had taken. Obviously, I must have thought it worthwhile to save because it was so accurate. About as accurate as the Facebook tests that I always take and then mock at the results. Turns out my personality animal is none other than (gulp) a bear.

A bear?! Are you kidding me? No wonder I’m so messed up. My personality animal is my intense irrational fear #2. Technically, you could say I am my own worst enemy.

I expect some messed up dreams from this one.


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