My Grateful List

Last month, my sister NJ challenged me on Facebook to do one of those “… a day” posts.  You know, when you are supposed to post something daily regarding a certain theme.  For this one, my task was to list three things a day I’m grateful for.  Even though I tend to be on FB daily (shhh), I don’t like having to come up with something theme related every day.  So, I did it in one big chunk.  And since it fit with this week’s theme and since I have nothing else ready for today, I’m sharing it here with you also.  Like the idea and want to do your own list?  Go right ahead.

My grateful list:

21. This planet is pretty cool. I would not want to live on a barren planet like Mars. Plus, it would be pretty hard to breathe there. Yay earth!

20. Facebook – because without this social media site I wouldn’t be taking the time to make this cumbersome list.

19. Good music I can listen and dance to when my car radio works.

18. Tinted windows in the car so that I can jam out to said music.

17. People who smile warmly and say hi to me.

16. People who forgive me when I do or say something stupid (daily).

15. I was born to goodly parents. Can’t beat that, really.

14. I have some pretty decent siblings and sibling-in-law who kinda like me.  I think.

13. I have the privilege of having a favorite nephew.

12. My four nieces are my good friends.

11. My great- nephews and niece are pretty cute.

10. I have wonderful friends who kinda enjoy my company.  I assume.

9. I receive a monthly paycheck.

8. I have a roof over my head.

7. I have food on the table and snacks to munch on.

6. I live in Wyoming.

5. I am free to act and not be acted upon.

4. I can read, write, and do arith…I can read and write.

3. I have a testimony of the gospel that I worked for.

2. I have received the gift of the Holy Ghost – and among other things it has comforted my grief.

1. I have felt the power of the Atonement in my life and know where to find peace.

Oh, I could keep going…

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