The green lot where my house once stood

I watched

as the storm moved in.

White clouds

began to darken.

The wind blew

and I knew

the storm of the century

had come –

it had found me.

All I

could do is hold on tight

to what

I had inside

and wait

for my fate.

The rain

didn’t stop – it came down


it flooded the ground.

My house

has always withstood

this time

it did the best it could.

But when done

the storm won.

I have

no house but the greenest lot.

It is

amazing, is it not?

The same

storm that tore my house apart

brought the

moisture needed to give a seed a start.

Life goes on –

am I wrong?

© 2013 ck’s days


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2 thoughts on “The green lot where my house once stood

  1. Hopefully I can become the person to appreciate the grass growing instead of focusing on the destroyed house. But right now, I tend to see the closed doors instead of paying attention to the open ones. I guess that’s my great lesson in life. Glad I only have the one 😉

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