6 thoughts on “Families are Forever

  1. This is actually one of our temples. This is a very sacred building to us. One of the purposes of the temple is performing marriage. We believe marriage is ordained of God and families are meant to be together forever. My niece was just married in the Manti, Utah temple on Friday (hence all the marriage themed posts lately). This picture is of the Jordan River, Utah temple close to where I used to live years ago and still visit from time to time. http://www.mormon.org has more pictures of temples throughout the world and info if you’re interested in seeing more. The Salt Lake temple is probably the most well known πŸ™‚

  2. I thought it might be one of the Temples, they are quite big aren’t they!? I know a reasonable amount about the belief as a close friend of mine was a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints (that’s a long title!!) I met a lot of her church friends when I used to visit her, and even went to a service with her once. She asked me if I’d like to go, and I thought ‘Why not!’ I found people very friendly, but some of the Elders were a little cool towards me, I think they thought I was someone who was going to her draw away from the church, mainly because I was at the time a Born Again Christian (I hate that title, but it’s the best way to describe where I was!) But I don’t believe in trying to persuade people to think like me, (so they needn’t have worried!) everyone has got to work out where they want to be in this life, and no-one needs a friend trying to turn then into something they are not! My friend and I had many hours of friendly arguments and debates on all sorts subjects – so it was a good education! She did leave about 10 years later over some personal disagreements she had – something to do with teaching she was doing. It was her choice, and I was very surprised actually, because she seemed very happy there.

    Have also met some of the young men that do the missionary work, in Norwich, mainly back in the 90’s, had lots of interesting conversations with them too, and even cooked a couple of meals for them, because our conversations went on so long, they were very nice, and good to meet and eat people from all round the world!

    I’ve also known friends who were Jehovah’s Witnesses, and my other close friend of 20 years belongs to a church which you will probably have heard of World Wide Church Of God (I believe they have changed their name these days to Grace Communion International – yes, very confusing!) I was actually born into that belief, but my family and I left when I was in my early 20’s. That’s when we went into the Born Again Christian route! Today I’m just me, I don’t have strong beliefs, I like to keep an open mind on a lot of things in life, and observe a lot, very closely! So, a lot of beliefs visited in my life so far!

    Have you always been a Mormon or have you had other beliefs in the past? I had a good look at the website by the way, very smart, and interesting to see the videos of different peoples testimonies. I think Grace Communion International have a lot to learn about websites, theirs is a little dull, to say the least! πŸ˜€

  3. It is easy to tell someone who is acquainted with the church when that person uses our full title instead of simply calling us Mormons. I don’t know if you like looking at architecture but each temple is carefully constructed to make it as perfect as possible. I know you didn’t ask but I think it’s interesting that the SL temple took 40 years to complete. It is quite a story if you’re interested – I think it’s online and called the Mountain of the Lord.
    But if you’re not into that, that’s okay too. πŸ™‚ It just amazes me what people can accomplish!
    Yes, I’ve been LDS all my life. But there comes a time when a person has to find out for herself. I did that. I wouldn’t be participating in this if I didn’t know for myself it was a true. And I’m very thankful for it. It has given me a great amount of peace since my mom died. I served a mission (many years ago now) and received exposure to other religions.
    I’m with you for the most part – I like to let people be and not push. But I also like to answer questions that come my way. There seems to be a lot of crazy notions out there. So, if I can I like to help.
    Just over six months ago, we had something significant happen in the church. The missionary age was lowered for both the men and women. So, there has been quite the influx of missionaries serving. You may be seeing more of them in your area!

  4. I found a video on You Tube called The Mountain Of The Lord, it actually looks like a film I’ve seen before. Don’t know if it’s old or new, but it looks like the film my friend let me borrow many years ago, could be the same one maybe? I shall give it a proper watch tomorrow, see if I can remember some bits!

    It is amazing what little humans can do! A bit like ants really, they build enormous nests sometimes too – repulsive to us maybe, but I’m sure they are well impressed with their constructions! πŸ™‚ I think I mentioned it before about where I live, that castle and cathedral are well over 900 years old now, and to build something like that today isn’t quite such a task as it was all those years ago. They must have been tough men in those days. We are living lives like the aristocracy today (minus the riches of course – pity about that bit!) but most of us would be quite happy to let machines and other people do our hard work, while we sit on our backsides, stare at a screen and do our blogging!! πŸ˜‰ That’s me anyway! But it is a slightly strange life, interesting, but lacking in reality in a way. I think we’d all get a real shock if we had to suddenly return to the old ways of living!

    Oh yes, I met a couple of young missionary girls in my road two weeks ago! Haven’t seen any missionaries for years in Norwich, and before, when there were lots of them, they were always young men – interesting to see young girls together. Kind of felt a little concerned to see two young girls calling door to door in the evening though, my area is not too crazy a place, but there are some strange people about, and some that you would definitely not want to invite you into their home. I hope they train them well, to spot the untrustworthy ones!

  5. Grrr! Not at you. I just finished typing a rather lengthy reply and somehow lost it all!
    It sounds like you’ve watched the Mountain of the Lord. It is an old one and the same one you’ve seen I’m sure.
    I think of the pyramids and wonder how did puny little men build something so grand?
    My community isn’t even 200 years old so there are no really old buildings around here. I always say in other states men have to build magnificent structures to improve the surroundings. Here in Wyoming, God took care of that πŸ˜‰
    But I really loved visiting NY last summer and seeing the collision of the new and old architecture and buildings. I’d love to be able to visit a castle someday! So much history. It sounds lovely.
    As for the missionaries, speaking as a former missionary (years and years ago) I can assure you there are precautions in place if the missionaries heed them. Safety is always a huge concern especially when dealing with the very young.
    Okay, I hope this time I can get this to post and I don’t lose it again. πŸ™‚

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