The Moose

What do you want first, the inspiration to the poem or the poem itself (chicken or egg dilemma)?  This blog isn’t really interactive so I’ll make the decision.  Many years ago my family went on vacation to Yellowstone National Park and did not see any wildlife.  Soon after we returned home, a moose wandered into the local cemetery.  And when I say local, I mean local to my house (we live on the street right next to it).  As far as I know, this is the only time a moose has roamed my neighborhood.  I wrote this poem years ago based on this experience.

Moose. The moose is loose.

Who let loose this moose?

High and tall it stands,

Everyone covers their mouth with their hands.

No where to run, under the sun,

while the moose is loose in town.

It walks around,

until it found

a perfect spot to rest

(Humor at its best)

when the moose avoided the “No animals” sign,

and walked in a straight line

with no time to tarry,

right into the cemetery!


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