The Lesson of the Mirrors

The mirrors face each other

And when I look into one I can see

An illusion of forever

A reminder of eternity.

I’m stuck here between

What was and what will be

This is my current scene

This is my reality.

I can’t help but stare

With quiet introspection

And think of you there

As if abiding in the reflection.

You showed me the way

And taught me to believe it’s true

I look forward to the day

When I can again hug you.

I know your work is far from done

You were always our pioneer

And so you’ll gather your chicks one by one

To the reflection in the mirror.

Until that day when we meet again

I look into the mirrors to remind me

What a glorious reunion it will be then

Never to part. We are a forever family.

This and other fine poems available at

This and other fine poems available at

4 thoughts on “The Lesson of the Mirrors

  1. I remember looking into those endless mirror tunnels, and wondering what it was like at the other end. I think there was another me, looking back.

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