Dumb Deer

Dear Deer,

Do you deem it prudent to stand by the side of the road doing your daring-doo diversion?

I credit my detection deftness and driving dexterity that we did not collide, but dear me, deer!  Did you discern the danger?  Darn deer, don’t dally, it is definitely the day to find a brand new distraction besides dare-devil deer.  Your diversion is dumb and daft and when you do your death defying deed you’re dumb and dense.

Do you dig my decree?


2 thoughts on “Dumb Deer

  1. Alliteration overload! I once saw a hedgehog standing straight up at the side of the road, and for all the world it looked like he was considering which car to jump in front of. Thankfully it wasn’t mine.

  2. I know, sometimes I can’t resist a little alliteration. And I really do think wildlife has some kind of suicidal game they like to play. Or, they just need glasses. My brother had a deer run into HIM one time. The deer actually ran smack into the back of his vehicle while he drove down the highway.

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