Your Inner-Pooh

photo courtesy the web

When I was young I read a story enough To know a group of friends mostly made out of fluff.  When I look with older eyes I actually begin to see 100 Acre Wood characters inside of me.  Sometimes I am in control and can save the day.  That’s my Christopher Robin coming into play.  Some people think that I’m wise but I’m really rather silly. As I channel my inner-Owl,  I admit I act willy-nilly.  Other times I’m annoying.  Sorry Rabbit, but that’s you.  Sometimes I’m playful and that’s my inner-Roo.  My Kanga peeks out whenever I nurture

and care.  Just like a mother I try to be kind and fair.  And sometimes I am as happy as can be.  That’s my Tigger bouncing excitedly.  Most of the time, I worry a great deal.   Poor little Piglet, I know just how he feels.    Being downright sad and gloomy just like Eeyore really suits me.  Deep inside I have a wish and I’ll share with you – I want to have all the friends just like Pooh.  So, look inside and see all the possibilities!   Are you Rabbit, Kanga, or Roo? Perhaps Owl, Eeyore, or Tigger, too? Maybe Piglet, Robin, Or even a little Pooh could be inside of you!


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