The Very Unexpected Benefit from the Borrowed Sweater

I normally don’t blog on Sundays.  However, I wanted to share what I experienced today.

We haven’t gone through mom’s closet yet.  The doors have remained closed for over a month.  Yesterday, for some reason, I slid open the doors.  I just stood there staring at all her clothes.  That’s when I noticed a very cute sweater.

This morning as I got ready for church, I thought of the sweater.  I was already dressed and decided to borrow the sweater – even though it didn’t really match my outfit.  I made it work.  It fit a little big but it still looked pretty darn good on me.

During Sacrament Meeting I smelled a familiar odor.  It reminded me of mom.  I realized her sweater still had traces of her perfume on it.  I pulled it tight.  This provided an expected result.  I felt like I just received a hug from mom.  For the rest of the day, no matter how warm it was in the room, I’d pull the sweater tight and receive a hug from mom.

Some people say they can feel the presence of their loved ones after they pass on.  I haven’t been able to feel mom until today.  It might have been all in my head – but who cares?   I came home from church, pulled the sweater tight and listened to this song.   I squeezed my hand three times just to make sure she gets the message.  And I hope she got the message.


3 thoughts on “The Very Unexpected Benefit from the Borrowed Sweater

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