Mize’well Post this Blog

My friend JJ is moving home to North Carolina on Tuesday.  Even though she will be missed here, I can’t begrudge her the opportunity to be closer to family.  And to live in a warmer climate.  I might be a little jealous regarding that last note.  Anyway, JJ and her husband are packing as I’m typing this blog and they are getting ready to move their not so little U-Haul 2100 miles.  That’s a little bit longer adventure than my 187 mile U-Haul trip this past summer.  Instead of three hours like it took NJ and me, it will take them 3 days.  Ick.  The family closeness thing better be worth it.

I met JJ four years ago at work.  She’s a little crazy which is probably why we hit it off so well.  Although she is a bit of a liar or just a dreamer.  She maintains she is 5’3” despite a measure-off.  We are the same size and stand 5’2”.

Her logic: “I’m over 5’2” which is close to 5’2.5”.  And from there, I might as well round up to 5’3”.”

I’m not sure why I argue.  According to her logic, I’m 5’3” also.  I really should just embrace the extra inch.  Which is just one inch shorter than my ideal, 5’4″ – so I might as well round up to that.

We had a little back and forth game going on.  One time when she went on vacation, I turned everything on her desk upside down.  Pictures, memos, calendars, phones, etc.  She retaliated by not only covering my desk with shredded paper but also stuffing it into my drawers.  That’s when we knew we’d be good buddies.

She received no small amount of ribbing for her North Carolina accent.  Someone with a twang being teased by an office full of Wyomingites is probably what some would call the pot calling the kettle black.  But that didn’t deter us. Here are some of my favorite JJisms.

The commode or porcelain throne is called a toilet in this part of the country.  Pronounced just as it’s spelled:  toi-let.  However, to our NC friend, JJ, it was referred to as the tol-et.

The weather outside is often code – perhaps a big reason why she is moving home.  And on birthdays we get oder.

My favorite JJism though is when she asked me how to spell mize.

“Mize?” I asked unsure of what she was referring to.

“Mize,” she repeated.  “As if in, Mize’well.”

It took a second.  “You mean, as if in, might as well?”

“Oh,” she said with a grin forming, “yeah that’s it.”

She also gave us a lot of fodder that had nothing to do with her accent.  One time, and it only took once, she asked for a vanilla envelope to mail something.  Vanilla?  I think those envelopes are a little too bland for most people, I suggested using a chocolate one instead.

Despite the description I just painted, JJ is one smart cookie.  She just had her moments.  Unfortunately for her, but fortunately for us, they were public.  I’m sure she could probably write her own blog about CKisms and Wyoming’s weird vernacular.  We don’t need to discuss those here, I like the JJisms.


2 thoughts on “Mize’well Post this Blog

  1. One of Sam’s brothers lives with his family in North Carolina. Listening to his neice and nephew talk, if I ever get the chance to move there, I’ll jump on it. It sounds like the perfect dose of southerness.

  2. I agree! I took an online test to see where I should live and a couple of NC towns were listed. And you know how reliable those online tests are…

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