Birthday Road Trip Leg 5 aka Home

Sunday, August 7.  Final day of driving or homeward bound.  Everyone is ready to be home.  Everyone that is except for me.  The trip home always leaves me a bit melancholy.  I’m still trying to figure out how to make a living while crisscrossing the nation.  Due to my short experience working at FedEx I know I could never be a truck driver (no pole would be safe).  So what could I do to feed my nomadic spirit?

We drove from Buffalo to Casper and had lunch (not at Casper’s this time).  We stopped for fuel in Rawlins and then headed home.  Our mileage count this trip was 1,228 miles.  That’s pretty typical for my birthday road trips as I tend to cram a lot in.  I am a wheel hog and drove for over 1,000 miles before turning the wheel over to somebody else.  It’s just that I will get bored and fall asleep unless I’m driving and I don’t want to miss anything.  Plus, the driver’s seat in my vehicle is the most comfortable.

So, now I’m home and will be back in the routine of things.  Let the countdown begin until my next road trip!

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