Bubba Taz Graduates!

Bubba Taz graduated from high school today.  Don’t worry, my niece’s birth name isn’t actually Bubba.  She acquired her nickname from her dad when she was about two.  Her attitude has always been bigger than her stature; she looks like the antithesis of a typical Bubba.  Taz was given to her by her grandma who thought she had the energy of the Tasmanian Devil.  For 15 years, she has proudly answered to the name Bubba Taz.

Bubba is a goal setter.  If there is something she wants, she’ll get it.  It’s never been her style to wait around for someone to do something for her, she’ll do it herself.  A few years ago when my mom was sick and we were waiting in the hospital waiting room for hours, I learned Bubba is very handy to have around. She comes prepared and she comes willing to share.  At least, she’s willing to share with her aunt.  I would love to grow up to be like Bubba someday.

I attended her Baccalaureate last Sunday.  During the ceremony, the seniors each announced what their future plans are.  There were a fair share of undecided’s (which would have been me), musical theater, and English majors.  Not our Bubba.  She stood and said, “Physical therapy.”  I couldn’t have been prouder.  One day, we will be calling her Dr. Bubba or Dr. Taz.

She’s had plenty of experience with physical therapy.  When entering high school, she wanted to letter in three sports.  But in the last four years, she’s had five surgeries.  Four on her feet (two to correct botched surgeries) and one for her shoulder.  She had to sit out her whole junior year and couldn’t participate in any sports.  One of the few goals she wasn’t able to achieve, she only lettered in two sports.   But because of this unexpected side-road, she discovered she likes physical therapy.  Her setback helped her find her focus for the future.  In other words, she hurdled the disappointment and continued to run the race.

Whatever life holds for Bubba Taz, she will make the most of it.  It might knock her for a loop, but it won’t keep her down.  She’ll run the race and she’ll hurdle whatever life throws at her.  While graduation is full of promise and hope for seniors to achieve their dreams, in her case, I actually believe it.  Good job, Bubba!

Photo courtesy family photos. Used with permission.


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