2011 Season Finale Chat

Let’s talk season finales.  Warning:  this is huge spoiler alert for those who haven’t had time to watch your Tivo’d shows or for those who watch a whole season at once via Netflix. 

Chuck (NBC, Mondays).  I’m always a little disappointed that this show keeps being renewed because I feel compelled to watch it.  The premise would have made an okay two hour movie.  But it has now been picked up for a fifth season.  The spy plot lines are fun and Zach Levi’s overacting balances Yvonne Strahovski’s underacting.  But the forced random plot lines involving the Buy More and especially any storylines with creepers Lester and Jeff just make me cringe.  This season’s twist at the end was just plain irritating.  I don’t like the fact that Chuck is sans the Intercept and Morgan now has it.  I’m not sure if I’ll stick around for another season.

Castle (ABC, Mondays).  I came late to this series and I have the first season queued.  For weeks I read reviews building excitement for the season finale.  It was promised to be a “three-hankie” episode and someone was going to die.  I guessed and gossiped about which cast member was expendable with fellow Castle watchers.  The week before the final episode, a dead giveaway (sorry, couldn’t help the pun) pointed to the Captain. The night of the finale, I popped popcorn and sat in my chair ready to be entertained.  The episode was okay and I didn’t need one single tissue.  Castle’s admission to Beckett that he loved her wasn’t that big of a surprise.  And so what if Beckett got shot?  I’m betting she’s going to live otherwise the series would be ending or Stana Katic is pulling a CharlieSheen, which I really doubt.  The only true cliffhanger is, will she remember he said it?  My prediction:  she will remember but she will lie about it.  No cliffhanger to ponder over summer break.

Big Bang Theory (CBS, Thursdays).  I watch this show to laugh.  It helps that I relate to the social awkwardness of the characters (unfortunately, not to the genius side).  It just plugs along having fun not really taking itself too seriously.  I’m happy that Jim Parsons won his awards for best actor because I don’t think he’s going to be able to play anything else after this.  He has sunk so deep into Sheldon he is not going to be able to get out.  So, good for him for winning his awards and getting his money now.  This had the biggest twist in the season finales but, like Chuck, the twist bothered me.

Bones (Fox, Thursdays).  Ah, Bones.  It has kind of flat-lined a little bit this last season.  It’s the nature of the beast when the premise is built around sexual tension.  If the tension is relieved too soon, it becomes Moonlit and yet, there is a danger in losing interest when stringing it out too long.  It’s a delicate situation.  Speaking of delicate situations, Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy has forced a plot line that could be the demise of the show.  If handled properly, the show could thrive a couple more seasons (a la Friends after Ross and Rachel had a baby).  But no plot twists or cliffhangers here either.  This show set the bar high during the third season finale.  It’s kind of hard to outdo itself when series regular, Zach, was an accomplice to a serial killer.  As for this year, it was the episode before the finale that invoked real emotion.  I’ll admit I got a little teary when Mr. Nigel Murray was killed off.  After all, he was my favorite intern.  Why couldn’t it be the doom and gloom guy?  He’s doing pretty good in the movies, why not get rid of him?

The Mentalist (CBS, Thursdays).  Okay, I’m not an avid follower of this show.  Patrick Jane is a bit much for me to handle on a regular basis.  But I know enough of the premise that I know the main antagonist is the evil Red John.  I watched the last hour of the finale because it promised Jane would come face to face with Red John.  I yelled at the TV set for Cho and Rigsby to wait before barging in to the hotel room and stopping the assassin because even I could tell she was in the wrong room.  But they didn’t listen to me.  I watched a handful of episodes this season and I knew from day one Van Pelt’s fiancé was a bad guy.  As for the finale, I doubt Jane killed Red John.  The whole impetus for the show is Jane’s quest to get revenge on the man who killed his wife and child.  So no, I don’t think Bradley Whitford was the real Red John.  My prediction for next season is a drawn out trial for Jane and we’ll find out Red John is still alive around next year’s season finale.

 The Office (NBC, Thursdays).  I actually don’t watch The Office on Thursdays anymore (as you can see, my plate is full this night).  When I do watch it, I usually catch it on Hulu.  Bravo to Steve Carell for jumping from a stale ship.  The Office hasn’t delivered for quite a while and Michael Scott’s shtick was getting annoying.  We have to tune in next September to see who is replacing Carell as boss.  It’s the closest thing to a cliffhanger in all my shows.  The trouble is, I don’t really care.

In the end, there were a couple of plot twists but no Who-Shot-JR-cliffhangers this year.  All of the finales finished and left nothing to think about during summer.  What will I do with my time?

One thought on “2011 Season Finale Chat

  1. Oh, Chuck. I was so happy when the Buy More blew up. We only watched a little after it came back and then gave it up.

    I will always be a Castle fan because it has Nathan Fillion. Anything with him in it is automatically worth watching.

    As long as PB&J are together, I’ll watch The Office. (Phyllis is my favorite.) Of course, we have to wait until they all come out on DVD. No tv, and I even hate hulu commercials.

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