A Hyena in Wolf’s Clothing

Did I ever tell you

about a meeting I went to?

From the moment I walked in

I felt uncomfortable through and through.


Because I walked right in

to a big ol’ wolves’ den

but wait – they weren’t wolves

when I looked closer and again.


They were actually hyenas

each decked out in wolf’s clothing

and I walked right in

without even knowing.


And that first howl

I heard caused chills up my spine

because they were just

about to feed and to dine.


Now bear with me here

and try to take heart

while I disclose their secret –

the most chilling part.


You see, they don’t eat flesh

but enjoy tearing apart a soul

picking, ripping, and rending

seems to be their goal.


As soon as I left

I’m sure I was treated the same

my guess is they fed

and feasted on my good name.


So beware, beware

of any hyena in wolf’s clothing.

Ya-owwwww ha, ha, ha,

those beasts are filled with loathing.


Ya-owwwww ha, ha, ha,

that peculiar howl you’ll find

will send a tingling chill

straight up your spine.


© 2014 ck’s days