But today we play

Hello summer.  It’s time to play, right?  The work will always be there tomorrow.  Always. Continue reading


Procrastinate Not

I am a dreamer.  Always have been.  The other day as I thought of my to-do list and my bucket list I realized they will always remain on my list unless I actually do them.  And if I continue to wait for an available moment, they will always remain dreams. Continue reading

Labor Day Project

I had the best intention

with a spurt of ambition

and just enough motivation

it was a good plan

(a good, good plan)


See, I got to thinking

it is time for spring cleaning

since summer is ending

as quick as it can

(quicker than I can)


So I spent Labor Day

slaving and toiling away

with no time to play

I took out that mess

(I moved that mess)


from the corners to the middle of the room

but morning became noon

and the day left too soon

and now I must confess

(of this I confess)


The mess is still there

in the middle without care

and I have to share

with this huge pile

(an unattractive pile)


My intention is non

my ambition long gone

my motivation sang its swan song

while the mess sits awhile

(a long, long while)


© 2014 ck’s days